View the video presentation by Geoff Hodge (Milestone Group) and Noam Tasch (BNY Mellon) at the Investment Operations Conference, Sydney, March 2021.
The shift in focus from asset class investing to objective and outcome-based investing is, for most institutional investors, well established. However, the technology many investors use today was designed and intended to support single asset class investing, while the technology for the asset allocator has been focussed on risk modelling, and often does not contemplate the end to end process.
Infographic summarizing the key findings of Milestone Group’s Asset Allocation Technology Survey 2020.
Milestone Group’s Asset Allocation Technology Survey 2020 takes a deep dive into the functional profiles and current and future technology requirements of institutional asset allocators, both asset owners and investment managers.
Picture the scene. It’s late. You’re waiting for a call and you’re holding back your team from heading home. Your phone rings, and it’s your service provider. They have a problem. No matter what explanation is given the problem is the same – there’s a glitch and your investors will not be receiving a valid NAV from your service provider today.