Milestone Group clients aim high.

We know they seek a partner that provides global experience and  innovative technology solutions, connects with their strategic end-game, and who can guide and support immediate priorities along the way. This calls on us to be forward thinking and agile enough to consider tomorrow’s needs that may be unknown.

Clients trust Milestone Group to consistently deliver our unique mix of industry know-how backed by innovative and dynamic technology solutions. For Milestone Group and its people, this is a journey that continuously ‘raises the bar’ of client business performance. It is about applying our core strengths and resources – our collective skills, knowledge and pragmatism – to making sure your goals are met. We are proud to say that many of Milestone Group’s clients are long-term partners. Getting the job done is what matters. You can expect that we will do what we say we will.

We are recognized globally as a thought leader and an architect of new enterprise business solutions for the funds industry. Our solutions continue to lead the industry towards enhanced best practice in efficiency and control in new areas through ongoing research and development.  The work we pioneered in reducing errors and improving efficiency in NAV production management is a clear example of having ‘raised the bar’ on what is now achievable. Our innovative NAV Control solution has delivered quantum improvements in efficiency and client experience. It is globally considered the market leading solution in this space.

Our commitment to innovation has seen us ahead of industry trends in fully integrated pooled product automation, data management, process automation and rules based robotic exception handling on a single integrated platform. This has in turn allowed clients to benefit from efficiency levels and business capabilities in areas only now being imagined by industry thought leaders.

Milestone Group walks a distinctive path of consistent excellence built on innovation and trusted know-how. Our promise to you is to harness the best of who we are, and to work with you with absolute focus on your business needs, goals and milestones.

As one of the largest OCIOs, SEI is always looking for ways to improve how we deliver services to our clients. We reviewed a number of options, but pControl stood out as the solution that best supports our business and the complex multi-asset structures that we manage. pControl brings flexibility, efficiency and scalability to this operation, allowing SEI to focus on client delivery, and developing sophisticated products and strategies and getting them to market quickly.

Kevin Matthews, Vice President & Managing Director, Solutions Team, SEI Institutional Group