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Customization is the most sought after innovation in the domain of investment solutions. Customization at the individual investor level seems to be the leading edge of the competitive frontier and – therefore – the highest priority for providers. This certainly is the case in the retirement space, and especially so for defined contribution (DC) plans. Whitepaper by Randal McGathey of Milestone Group.
Convergence is underway in the institutional investor space on three distinct, but interrelated fronts. The first is the convergence of the investment manager’s front, middle and back offices. The second is the convergence of investment management, investment consulting and the growing practice of the Outsourced CIO (OCIO) in the US and Delegated Solutions in the UK. The third is the convergence of asset management, asset servicing and technology. These three convergences are themselves converging, signaling an inevitable disruption of the status quo. Whitepaper by Randal McGathey, VP Product - North America.
Once little more than a conceptual goal, ‘institutionalization’ is now rapidly becoming the central guiding principle of product development in defined contribution (DC) investment.
Why effective oversight is rising to the top of the agenda for fund managers and regulators alike.