Milestone Group explored the requirements, practices, and challenges of institutional asset allocators. Article by Global Investors Group.
Geoff Hodge discusses how companies can overcome operational hurdles presented by the SEC's Rule 2a-5. Commentary as published by Traders Magazine.
The past year has been one of change and uncertainty. There can be no doubt that the financial services sector of 2021 and beyond is considerably different to that of 2020. Yet, the question remains as to how firms innovate for this new normal? This was the theme of our User Forum, which we held over a three-day period last month.
Funds are caught in a cost paradigm. Usually, as an industry grows, economies of scale dictate that the unit cost comes down, but as global fund assets have steadily grown, the cost of fund servicing is not coming down as naturally as you would expect. Geoff Hodge speaks to Investment Week.
Collaborative partnerships between fintech companies and institutional investors have become more prevalent and mutually beneficial in the past five years, experts say, but both sides need to enter the relationship willing to evolve their own ways of working. Article by Ben Hurley for Investment Magazine.